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Facebook Management Agency In 2017, as in the previous years, the influence of social media on the Internet and on everyone who is working online has continued to expand. It is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other networks that have become the main traffic source for many websites, beating the Google search traffic. That is why a large number of social media plugins have appeared recently, allowing you to integrate social media accounts to a personal website. To help users find quality products among more average ones, we’ve compiled the list of 7 best plugins. Best plugins list We’ve chosen 7 best plugins for different social networks and different purposes. Let’s consider them in detail. Instagram plugin A powerful Instagram plugin that creates exciting galleries and astounding portfolios. The cloud service Elfsight Apps lets you install it on any site in just a couple of minutes. Find out more about the plugin YouTube gallery A multifunctional YouTube plugin to display videos as colorful galleries and to create breathtaking portfolios. As well as the Instagram plugin, it can be installed from a cloud service to any website without the help of a developer. Find out more about the plugin Twitter widget A popular widget to share and follow Twitter content. Use this product to increase your Twitter audience. Find out more about the plugin Social share buttons One of the most popular plugins to create and place social share buttons to WordPress sites. Quality design and over 200 available social networks will help spread your content all over the Internet. Find out more about the plugin Email address grabber One of the main functions of a blog or a content section is to attract possible customers. This plugin will let you create forms to grab emails and to set up mailing lists to send out newsletters. The plugin also supports integration with all the popular mail services. Find out more about the plugin Auto-posting to social media Auto-posting from a blog to social media accounts. Save time and embrace new social networks to get more clients. The plugin also supports integration with all the popular resources, multiple accounts, and other functions. Find out more about the plugin AccessPress – Social Icon for Website Quality social media logo icons with the option of editing their parameters. All the popular social networks are included in the plugin, besides, it features ready-made template collections. Find out more about the plugin The plugins’ general characteristics Here’s a list of basic characteristics that will help you make a choice: *The figures are relevant as of March 2017. Sources: WordPress, Elfsight Apps, CodeCanyon. Making the decision to use a plugin Using a plugin or not depends not only on the product quality but also on understanding your audience and content. For instance, installing a Twitter plugin to websites whose content doesn’t fit the Twitter standard won’t give you any tangible results. (Let’s keep in mind the Twitter post limits – 140 characters, with a link taking up 23 characters and an attached image – 24 characters). So as not to waste your time and money, you need to realize, where your content will get most popular. To do it, you need to analyze social media and your competitors’ activities. If you see that video content brings lots of views to a competing company, it means that your presence on YouTube is a must. And if you want to further promote your content, you can install a YouTube plugin to your website. It will be a clever thing to do, as such a move is sure to interest your users! Conclusion Using plugins to get social media traffic has become a common practice for all websites. We’ve compiled a list of plugins that we believe to be the leading ones in their spheres. Thank you for reading this article! Please, give feedback about your favorite social media plugins!   Reference:

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Best Social Media Agencies Clarcona Florida

Best Social Media Agencies Clarcona Florida

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